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image In The Lab
2 years ago

What the Opening of...

Article By: Devin Crudup Photo Credit: Getty Images A-list celebrities including Oprah, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, and Colin Kaepernick attended the grand opening of Tyler Perry Studios in southwest Atlanta’s historic district. Everyone gathered to celebrate Tyler Perry becoming the first Black entrepreneur to own a major movie studio without the backing of an established corporation. This could usher in a Read More

image In The Lab
2 years ago


Article By: Devin Crudup Photo Credit: Getty Images As Democratic candidates for the 2020 presidential election campaign to receive your vote, one topic is closing America’s wealth gap via monetary support for Black-owned businesses. Here is an analysis of each Democratic presidential candidate and whether or not they’ve proposed a plan to boost Black entrepreneurship: Read More

image In The Lab
2 years ago

How to Lead a...

Article By: Colleen Williams Photo Credit: Getty Images In almost every industry, there are several paths to success. For example, legal, medical, engineering, and journalism professions all have different specialties from which to choose. As a lawyer, you can decide to focus on family law, finance law, or even technology law. Since transitioning to writing Read More

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